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Designed to use in my own classroom as daily homework for the month before the fourth grade math STAAR test, I am excited to share my Countdown to STAAR Review Pack! 30 sheets covering the new math TEKS, with an emphasis on the readiness standards, which make up 60% of the test. Great for review without multiple choice - students can't just "pick C" with these review sheets. Use for warm-ups, bell work, homework, review centers, or assessment!

Want to check it out for free first? Download one of the 30 days of review here: Countdown to STAAR Sampler!

Is your mind on multiple choice? Check out my STAAR Prep Mixed Review BUNDLE for 8 sets of 8 rigorous STAAR-formatted questions.

Grab a FREE sampler here: {FREEBIE} STAAR Prep Mixed Review Sampler!


It's STAAR prep season, which means we are all scrambling for questions, questions, questions! Save time and pick up some TEKS-aligned Mastery Quizzes here -- they're a great source for STAAR-rigor questions grouped by TEKS!

Or just find the TEKS you need:
TEKS 4.4A – Add & Subtract Whole Numbers and Decimals
TEKS 4.4B - Multiplying by 10 and 100
TEKS 4.4C - Multiplying with Arrays, Area Models, and Equations
TEKS 4.4D - Multiplying up to 2 x 2 digits
TEKS 4.4E – Divide with Arrays, Area Models, & Equations
TEKS 4.4F – Long Division
TEKS 4.4G - Round or Use Compatible Numbers to Estimate Solutions
TEKS 4.4H – One- & Two-Step Multiplication & Division Problems (including Interpreting Remainders)
TEKS 4.5A - Strip Diagrams & Equations for Multi-Step Problems
TEKS 4.5D – Area & Perimeter Problem Solving
TEKS 4.6A - Points, Angles & Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
TEKS 4.6B – Lines of Symmetry
TEKS 4.6C - Identify & Classify Triangles by Their Angles
TEKS 4.6D – Classifying Quadrilaterals


Looking for more TEKS-aligned math centers for STAAR prep? Check out:

Multiplying with Area Models Match-Up and Quizzes {TEKS 4.4C}
Dividing with Mental Math and Place Value Patterns Task Cards {TEKS 4.4F & 4.4G}
Strip Diagrams and Equations BUNDLE – 5 sets for over 60 problems! {TEKS 4.5A}
Strip Diagrams and Equations for Addition {TEKS 4.5A}
Strip Diagrams and Equations for Subtraction {TEKS 4.5A}
Strip Diagrams and Equations for Multiplication {TEKS 4.5A}
Strip Diagrams and Equations for Division {TEKS 4.5A}
Strip Diagrams and Equations for Multi-step Problems – All 4 Operations! {TEKS 4.5A}

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