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Some papers are prepared By VUhelp which have **Standard Collection** due to collected from All Over the Net and arrange in ONE FILE according to year series.

      In these links,all data are covered with Objective,Subjective & Helping Material.

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CS (Computer Science) Group:
1_CS001_Final Term Solved 


You can download CS601-Data Communication Solved MCQs and Subjective papers in pdf and word format from the links Given Below:

CS601 Final Term Paper Sample :

Question No: 1   

An unauthorized user is a network ___________ issue.




        All of the given

Question No: 2  

Which is not an element of protocol



        communication service module

Question No: 3 

_______ is a multipoint topology.





Question No: 4      

Unidirectional traffic movement is overcome by dual ring technology.



Question No: 5 

Physical layer define characteristics of interface between device and _________

        transmission medium

        another device

        another peer physical layer at other side


CS601 Final Term Solved Past Papers by Moaaz

CS601-finalterm subjective Solved with references by Moaaz.pdf, 685 KB
CS601-final term solved mcqs with references by moaaz.pdf, 1.7 MB

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