Mystery School Lesson 7 Homework

It's a Mystery!

If it seems that something has been sneaking up on you this month, it is probably the mystery unit you've been planning. This week's "mystery" lessons draw attention to the power mysteries have to spark interest in reading and ignite critical thinking. Education World provides five lessons to set you on your way to a mysterious learning adventure! Included: Five mysterious lessons that focus on language arts, history, and forensic science!

Education World is here with five lessons that are sure to give you a clue about where to begin your mystery unit. Best of luck, detective!

More Mystery Resources
From Education World

The Mystery State Quiz
Give students one set of clues a week, or one clue a day, and see who is first to figure out the Mystery State! The Mystery State quiz will help your students learn about the 50 states as it improves their research skills. Included: Clues for all 50 states!

Mystery Lessons
Students assume the identity of private investigators as they read, solve, and write mysteries in this winning lesson plan submitted to Education World by teacher VaReane Heese.


This week, Education World provides five lessons about mysteries. Click on each of the five lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Approximate grade levels for each lesson are indicated in parentheses.)

Fingered Felons
Experiment with fingerprinting and analyze evidence to solve a classroom crime! (Grades 3-8)

Mysteries in the Bag
Build a mystery around the contents of a bag of evidence. (Grades K-Advanced)

"History's Mysteries"
Propose a theme for an upcoming program on the History Channel. (Grades 6-Advanced)

Secret Agent Stan
Help an old gumshoe find his way in a new era of investigative work! (Grades 3-8)

Combine language arts and forensic science activities for an effective elementary unit on mysteries. (Grades K-5)


For a quick trip into the magic of mysteries, try one of these excellent online resources:

History Mystery
From Scholastic, this site provides online adventures about topics in history. The more effective your research, the higher your rank as an investigator.

A. Pintura: Art Detective
Find the identity of Grandpa's painting and discover art history and composition. This site is designed for fourth grade and up.

This astronomy unit helps students develop a new perspective on the world they’re standing on. They will be given evidence that the Earth beneath our feet is actually ... More

This astronomy unit helps students develop a new perspective on the world they’re standing on. They will be given evidence that the Earth beneath our feet is actually moving through space, both spinning on its axis, and traveling in a great orbit around the Sun. They will see how these movements account for the patterns we see in our sky (the paths of our Sun across the sky, the changing seasons, and the changing constellations). Accompanying us on this journey are the Moon and planets, which the students will observe have their own patterns of movement in the sky. Throughout this investigation students will engage in actual and simulated observations of the sky, and they will engage in the process of inquiry: beginning with observations, debating a range of possible causes, and reasoning to possible conclusions. Less

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