3d Design Class Assignments Due

About the Modules:

  1. 1. Each module contains projects intended to convey specific strategies and

     concepts pertinent to professional artistic practice. 

2.  Students will select one project from each module. 

3.  Each project will be allotted approximately 5 weeks for completion.

4.  Each module will include three critiques.

About the Critiques:  This is a class about thinking.  Each module includes three critiques:

First Critique: Brainstorming

One week after project is introduced.  After a solid level of independent research and communication with their instructor, each student will discuss his/her project idea with the class, using sketches and a written statement.  This is a time for feedback.  Ideas may be augmented based on ensuing conversation.

Second Critique: In Progress

Three weeks after project is introduced. Student will discuss his/her project with class.  Project should be in a well-developed state of fabrication or production, but not yet completed. Project may be augmented/solidified based on ensuing conversation.

Third Critique:  Final

The completion date for the project.  Student will discuss finished project with class, noting how the project changed over time, and to what end.

Required Class Materials list:  (* denotes immediate need)

Design Language, Tim McCreight

Sketchbook/Journal/Diary (8X10”ish) For all writing and sketches

Misc. other materials will be needed as dictated by your choice of and response to each project.

Grading Criteria for projects:

1.  Level of research displayed

2.  Critique participation and preparation

3.  Creativity of solution; uniqueness and workmanship

  1. 1.  Extent to which the project adequately addresses the specific issues/problems 

     targeted in the assignment.

Grading Rubric for each module:

1.  Critique #1: 20%

2.  Critique #2: 25%

3.  Critique #3: 25%

4.  Finished project:  30%

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