Brooklyn Tech Homework Policy

Social Studies Department Course Contract


Attendance and Punctuality:

            Regular and prompt attendance is mandatory since participation in class daily and handing in homework are the backbones of this course. When a student is absent she/he must bring an excuse note on the day of return. Failure to attend at least 66% of the total classes in a marking period, term, or year may result in a failure grade of 45 for the grading period. You are still responsible for doing homework and making up class work when you are absent or late.


Class Participation:

            You are required to take diligent notes, as they will be one of your only sources to prepare yourself for the material to be discussed and examinations. Class participation is the biggest indicator of your knowledge and grasp of the subject matter. Class participation is required and will drastically help or hurt your grade as class work comprises 25% of your overall grade.



            Students are required to complete all homework assignments. Students are expected to submit homework on time. Students who turn in late assignments on a consistent basis may receive partial or no credit for that assignment. Students who miss homework due to absence will be given the opportunity to submit missed work. Students are given one calendar day for each day absent to submit the missing work Homework is required and will drastically help or hurt your grade as homework comprises 25% of your overall grade.



Students may be required to submit projects for the marking period, term, or course. Details on the content, research technique and format of the project(s) will be given in a supplemental attachment. 



            All exams will be announced several days in advance and will be based upon content from homework and class work. Quizzes may be unannounced. Absent students are responsible for and will be allowed to take a make-up exam immediately after their return to school, if she/he presents an excuse note.


Regents Courses:

            Regents exams will count as 20% of grade for all courses that culminate in a regents exam.


A.P. Courses:            

            The highest grade you may attain in this course is a 65 if you do not take the AP exam that corresponds with this course.


Academic Integrity Policy:

All students need to be mindful and adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy which outlines examples of and penalties for cheating and plagiarism. The policy, in its entirety can be found on the schools’ website.



Your marking period grades will be calculated using the following percentages:

Exams/Quizzes     50%                                                    

Homework            25%

Classwork             25%


Welcome to Brooklyn Technical High School’s Attendance Office.
You will find information concerning the BTHS student attendance policy here.

 Procedure for Documenting Absences from School

1.       When a student is absent from school, upon their return to school students need to bring in a BTHS absence form.  This form can be downloaded using the link below.  If a doctor treated any illness, a doctor’s note should be attached to the form. 

 2.       This form needs to filled out in its entirety and given to each period teacher for their signature. Upon completion, students need to turn in their absence form to 1W08. 

 Absences are reported to parents/guardians by computer generated phone calls on the day of the occurrence. If parents/guardians are unaware of the absence, they should call the school’s Attendance Office, (718) 804-6400.

 All phone calls directed to the Attendance Office must include your child’s OSIS number. 

Procedure for Documenting Missed Classes Due to Lateness
Follow the procedure above for the missed period classes. 

Marked Absent in Error
Students should speak with their period teacher directly. 

Absent From a Class- Cutting Class
Class cuts are defined as an absence from a class on a day a student was present in school. 


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